Keeping Pace with Issues and Trends

At Bombardier Transportation, we strive to anticipate and exceed customer expectations. This requires that we stay on top of rail industry issues and trends. It means developing breakthrough solutions to address these challenges and maximize opportunities.

Insight shares our thoughts, strategies and responses to our industry’s issues and trends. We encourage you to visit this section often to learn more about our recent insights.  

Smart Cities Embrace Sustainable Mobility 
Most of us love cities. As the hubs of commerce and culture, cities naturally attract people. Today more than 50% of the world's population lives in or around a city. By 2050, this number is expected to reach 70%. The implications are profound. Cities already generate 70% of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions. Imagine their impact on climate change by 2050!   >>more

Bombardier Co-Creates Future of Rail with Consumers 
Bombardier Transportation became the first rail manufacturer to create an online innovation community by launching a unique interior design contest: YouRail – Visions of Modern Transportation.   >>more

Think Very High Speed, Think Bombardier 
For two centuries, trains have powered expansion and economic growth. Today Bombardier’s high speed (HS) and very high speed (VHS) trains signal an exciting new era in rail.   >>more

Think Economy, Think Rail 
For the past century, transportation has fuelled the world’s economy. In recent decades, road and air have dominated many nations’ transportation investments to the detriment of the most sustainable solution to mass transit – rail. For the planet’s economic and environmental health, it is time to restore the balance between road, air and rail.   >>more