The Human Resources and Compensation Committee (HRCC) reviews, assesses and approves a total executive compensation policy that takes into account, among other things,

  • base salary,
  • short-term incentives,
  • long-term incentives and
  • pension, benefits and perquisites, as well as the risks associated therewith.

It reviews the design of equity-based compensation incentive plans and makes appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors for its approval.

The HRCC also assesses the performance of the President and Chief Executive Officer against his objectives set at the beginning of each financial year and in light of such factors deemed appropriate and in the best interests of Bombardier, and it then submits its recommendations to the Board of Directors.

The HRCC is also responsible for compensation governance and in that respect, it

  • ensures, via the human resources key performance indicators, that appropriate human resource policies, procedures, practices and systems are in place to attract, motivate and retain the qualified personnel required to meet Bombardier’s business objective,
  • reviews all aspects of the executive stock ownership guidelines, including compliance therewith,
  • reviews the compensation disclosure analysis in Bombardier’s management information circulars,
  • monitors compensation trends and emerging issues and
  • selects and manages the HRCC’s independent compensation consultants, qualifications and fees.

Compensation Policy

Bombardier’s executive compensation policy is designed to maximize the overall performance of the Corporation through the individual performance of its executives. The overall goals of the compensation policy are to attract, retain and motivate executives in order to increase shareholder value over the long term. Bombardier’s executive compensation policy and practices are intended to reward executives based on their individual performance, at a level competitive with similar positions of peers companies. Variable compensation is directly linked to Bombardier’s financial results and/or the price of the Class B subordinate voting shares.

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